Freedom to Happiness
How to succeed online from anywhere in the world by Lucian Avadani
Buying experiences is the sure path to enhancing one's happiness in a materialistic world!

Lucian Avadani

                                                                        Colombo, Sri Lanka 
                                                                        Colombo, Sri Lanka 

I feel it's difficult to talk about yourself...since it's your personal imagination about you, thus incredibly subjective we go :)

Born and raised in one of Romania's poorest regions, life was never a breeze in Eastern Europe. Caught between the spectacular fall of a political system, and the emerging of another one, I was one of the first generation kids who were being educated outside the communist indoctrination system. The memories of the harsh times that I've experienced as a child during communism started to fade away as capitalism started to blossom, bringing with him its most fascinating creation, the Internet.

At 19, after traveling abroad for the first time in 2004 and visiting Hungary (been to Moldova around '92 but I don't count that as an abroad trip), I caught the so called "travel bug".

2 Work Summers spent in the US during university, where I had learned about the "American Dream" changed my perspective over the world completely so I returned to Romania in search of opportunities. After graduation, I dabbled in various off-line projects, lived in Italy for a bit, travelled around Europe and had short-term-jobs, just to find myself hitting mid 20's, financially broke and recovering from an illness after spending a few weeks in hospitals.

Since I was still in "search for happiness", I started changing my eating habits, doing meditation and going deeper into personal development, spirituality and astrology. Re-Started reading a lot and began to have big shifts in my mindset after reading Tim Ferriss' the 4 hour work week" or Eckart Tolle's "The Power of Now". I've also used "Binaural Waves" during sleep, that I highly recommend!

In mid 2011, I landed a Remote Management Job at a leading Eastern European Technology Company and, since I was completely Location Independent, I started traveling around the world. I was not required to travel, I could just do it while keeping my day job.

So it all began: from sending work emails near Morocco's Sahara desert and struggling to work remotely from behind the great wall of China (with its heavy censorship) to coping with the patchy Internet connections in India, Cambodia or Bali and trying to get work done while enjoying the nightlife in Mexico City, Berlin, Paris or Moscow.

Little did I know that, after being one of the First kids who saw the light of capitalism behind the Iron Courtain, I was one of the first-generation "Digital Nomads", a lifestyle which took the world by storm after 2014. I was invited to tell about this new movement on TV, Podcasts and also landed a few invitations to speak at events in Romania, Poland and Thailand.

In late 2014 I organised a meet-up in Bucharest, Romania about Remote Work and Distributed teams which led me to the next chapter of my life - ecommerce entrepreneurship. I dove into Ecommerce by late 2015, temporarily transitioning to a "Digital Expat" lifestyle in Bangkok, Thailand so restarting my entrepreneurial calling. Nearly went broke again, but it all paid off in the end!

The location Independent lifestyle is for everyone: High-school or university graduates, young parents and even grand-parents. If you don't wan't to travel the world or even live abroad, there are other benefits to working from Home or anywhere you wish: more time doing the things that you like (besides your online biz/job) and more time spent with the people you love. The possibilities are endless!

60+ Countries Later after working remotely from 5 continents and nearly a decade in the "trenches", I would love to help you do it too..

Love & Happiness